Master Baker Makes Good Taste

There’s bread, then there’s Master Baker bread, and you can really taste the difference.

We produce over 40 different breads and rolls – more than many “artisan” bakers in Britain.

And one factor unites them all: a total commitment to combining high quality ingredients with traditional craft baking skills, and twenty first century technology.

The result? Bread that tastes good, lasts well, is as healthy as possible – and is good value.

We apply those same skills to all our other yeast based baking products – and non-yeast products.

The Good Taste Bakery is a modern, high tech space near Camberley, Surrey that is home to an impressive array of talented and proud bakers, each with their own specialities.

And what you should know is that every single item we produce is made by hand – every single one! We know that’s what really makes the difference as you will find out.

Good Taste is an independent business, celebrating its first 20 years next year, that is owner-managed by our Master Baker, Dean Wilsher, and Head of Confectionery, Debbie Wilsher.

And yes, they are often there, hands covered in flour, at the crack of dawn! They wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s what has made Good Taste one of the leading bakeries in the south of England.

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Dean and Debbie Wilsher

Dean and Debbie Wilsher

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Master Baker

Master Baker

Nearly 20 Years

Nearly 20 Years